The starting gun fires, your heart beating out of your chest, sweat streams down your forehead, your muscles tense as your arms and legs urge your body forward, the race has begun. Sports is a very special part of the occupational world. Athletics require a very unique skill set depending on the sport, along with endurance, strength, determination, and stamina. Pro sports are typically a way to entertain the general public and can be a team sport like volleyball, basketball or football. Whereas some sports can be single athlete like fencing, wrestling, and ping pong. The sports category is not only hard to get into but requires tons of training and hard work. There are also so many jobs you can get in the sports category that aren’t just professional athletes.

Professional athletes, majority of the time get noticed in high school and college and can get scholarships from colleges around the country. Four year colleges can cost $3,000-$200,000 depending where you go. But this does not count all of the equipment and gear for sports teams and high college level team have a typically low salary, but most of their trips and extras are paid for. Once an athlete has joined their career they will get a high salary of $20,000+.

Quick Facts: Sports

  • Employment of sports occupations is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024.
  • Employment will increase from about 781,700 jobs in 2014 to about 827,700 jobs in 2024.
  • The median annual wage for sports occupations was $39,700 in May 2014

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